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I have used several different programs and personally I've found Team Viewer to be the best and easiest to set up really. You can access the computer that has this running on it remotely by another computer either via the normal application or through the web browser (incase say your work has standard ports blocked), you can even download the smartphone app (at least Android) and remotely connect and use your computer via that (which web browsing using Team Viewer on a smartphone saves battery life and uses less RAM then a standard smartphone web browser).

Best of all, its free as long as its for home use and not commercial, though be warned if you run windows server at home (which I currently am, free legal key from msdnaa) you'll soon be SOL as it'll eventually flag it as a commercial (since its commercial software) and eventually make you pay for a commercial license. I haven't tried windows home server, probably would fall under home use though.
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