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I am curious as to how this tool compares to RivaTuner? Does it actually do stability testing like ATI Tool or is it just another gimmick? RivaTuner natively supports LCD readout (including the G15 keyboard), but it does not even brag about it in the list of features.

eVGA is notorious for releasing bad hardware: the 680i chipset mobo that kills memory by severely overvolting it (3.5 volts where it should be 1.8)(google it), video cards (especially the GeForce 7 series) that run way too hot and thus unstable due to a crappy cooler resulting in an RMA rate of over 25% and a verbal scalding from nVidia for this sort of thing.

I bought two "e-GeForce 7900 GT KO Superclocked" cards for SLI and they were just horrible. Couldn't play anything for more than 5 minutes.

Now I have a single 8800 GTS and the VGA BIOS was written by an idiot because the fan speed sits around 50-60% and it's set to stay there untill the temps go to like 120 celcius, and gradually speeds up untill 100% at 180 celcius. This card crashes once it hits 80. I had to use RivaTuner to stabilize it.

I really hope eVGA stops coming out with garbage.
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