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All right, a decision has been taken and I will be doing the following:

I WILL NOT be using 3DMark Vantage until:

1: Futuremark releases a patch to take care of a number of performance issues, massive result inconsistencies, crashes and general instabilities.

2: ATI releases a WHQL driver to support it (their "hotfix" is essentially a beta driver)

3: Nvidia releases a WHQL driver for the 8-series (hell, the last 8-series WHQL was released in DECEMBER) and 9-series which properly supports it

So, once the stars align just right you will see us benching with Vantage

We will ADD the following starting immediately:

- Enemy Territory benchmark (timedemo)
- OpenGL Fur Render Benchmark
- 3DMark runs with the following:

1280x1024 @ defaults
1600x1200 @ defaults
2560x1600 @ defaults

1280x1024 @ 4xAA / 16xAF
1600x1200 @ 4xAA / 16xAF
2560x1600 @ 4xAA / 16xAF (only for high-end)

We will ADD (sometime in the near future) the following:

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts 30 minute in-game level frames per second (the in-game benchmark does NOT reflect actual gaming experience)

We will REMOVE the following:

Call of Juarez Benchmark

Hope that sits well with everyone. ;)
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