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Default Fix or replace my receiver?

I have a home theater (link below) set that I bought a while ago and unfortunately didnt realize that it had a design flaw resulting in some easily blown capasitors. Originally I was thinking of just buying some and fixing it myself (Samsung wants $150 to repair), but after looking online I have found 2 issues. Samsung HT-X50 5.1-Channel 5-Disc DVD Home Theater System: Electronics

1. I couldnt find a capacitor with the right specs in Canada, and shipping $1 worth of parts from the US will cost me $25 in shipping minimum
2. I dont know if the problem resides somewhere else, and a lot of people were posting that once you blow one you might have damage elsewhere. $30 is a lot to spend on a $150 - 200 set just to find out it still doesnt work.

So I am also open to buying a separate receiver instead of repairing if I need to. While the Samsung claims to be 1000w I have a feeling it doesnt use up nearly that much, so just how powerful of a receiver should I look for?

Would it be worth it to try to fix? I dont have a lot of cash to spare so I am going to be stuck with the same speakers for quite some time.

Audio noob needs your help!
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