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As I recommend for everyone who wants high end gaming, drop the SSD and step up from a 570 to a 580. SSD will give you a fast os and great level/load times but contributes nothing to the actual game experience, unlike a faster video card. 570 SLI would be a little faster but basically that's the end of your options - that is, if you go 580 you can still add another one later but still have outstanding single card performance in the meantime with no chance of SLI microstutter issues.

Really, both are high end luxury items, and only you can say which is priority #1. I voted with my dollars and got more card, no SSD.

Also, Perry is right if gaming and surfing are your main activities. They are mine, and I haven't been able to make it choke yet. I can surf full speed with Prime95 blend going in the background.
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