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My System Specs

Default 5.1 via optical on older reciever


I recently built a gaming PC. Mobo was 7.1 and had optical out. I assumed that it would at least transmit 5.1 over optical. I was wrong. Only after a Google search did I learn why.

I want to transition away from headsets to speakers. My receiver is a little older, it will only take optical for 5.1 support. It supports Dolby digital.

Would anyone have any suggestions for a modest (~$100) card that would fit my needs? I have never bought a sound card before. Up until this point, onboard has always been "good enough". I would want to maximize the quality I get, but I feel that having the 5.1 working (directional pinpointing) is more important in gaming than sound quality.

I have been actively researching cards, and what all the specs mean, but it is a little overwhelming to be honest. It is all new to me.

Thank you for reading.
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