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My System Specs


Originally Posted by groundwire123 View Post
this form is really is going some where unexpected as Killswitch had mentioned. However that is fine by me (O.P.). That means the person that started the Thread right? I'm getting a lot of technical information hear and I do google everything and learn what it all means. Again, I will say I am looking primarily for a sound card that features really good mic monitoring (or input monitoring) and good directionality. Sound quality I am not trying to go extreme but better than the on board of my gigabyte x58-ud5 would be nice. Its sound like slik may have owned quite a few cards, how have some of your cards performed on the mic monitoring spectrum?
OP means original poster, or person who started the tread.

Slik doesn't do any online gaming, therefore he never uses a mic. But as he said he finds his current Asus sound card to have great directional sound as does his Psyko headphones which is something to consider. Guys like Jackquelegs knock him for owning the Psykos but Slik finds they suit his needs more then any other 5.1 headset. Presently on top of the Psyko cans he's owns Roccat Kave's, Coolermaster Sirius, and a pair of Trittons. He's had a Turtle Beach Ear Force set before too but I can't remember the model.

He does a shit ton of gaming too so I take his word for it. It's like someone who drives a lot of different cars giving an opinion which one they like the most..... just because they aren't a mechanic doesn't mean they can't pick a good car.

I think if you're more concerned with overall gaming experience rather then actual audio quality you may want to consider the Psykos instead of the Ax Pros unless you're going to use them with your XBox too, in which case you'll need that external box for the fiber optic input. I listen to music as well as game with my headset otherwise I'd likely have a set of Psykos too.
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