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Personally, I use 65 degrees and 1.45 Vcore as my cutoff points for the 65nm processors (like yours), and there are those who don't feel any problem with going to 70 degrees and 1.5 Vcore.

It's always easier to get into windows than it is to actually stay there and do stuff (w/o it crashing). If you set your Vcore too high, you'll first get excessive temperatures, and as you keep setting it higher and higher, you'll eventually manage to damage the processor. The point at which this actually happens isn't particularly well-defined, unfortunately.

Personally, the best I can offer is that I have yet to hear of even ONE case where someone actually ruined a recent processor chip with less than 1.5 Vcore (for other reasons, sure, but not from Vcore) and that the chips are HARD to kill. On air-cooling, you'll exceed 65 degrees at full-load long before your Vcore reaches dangerous levels.
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