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Originally Posted by Skippman View Post
It depends on what you're wanting to do with it. The ATI FirePro 2460 isn't really what most people here would consider a powerhouse GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It's designed more to do multi-display than to crank out things like ATI's Eyefinity multi-monitor 3D GPU solution. (Yes I know this card supports it, but it's an apples to oranges comparison to the 3D GPU's) I'm going to assume you're using this likely for some kinda video surveillance system or other 2D based application.

The reason the third card being controlled by another chipset is important is for 3D applications where the cards are running in Crossfire or SLI mode. These modes allow the system to essentially treat all 2 or 3 cards as one giant card. For this to happen efficiently there's some timing and speed issues that need to be addressed. Boards that mount the nVidia NF200 chipset are designed for 3 or more GPUs to work in concert, not in tandem as you're looking to do. IF, and I stress IF, you need that then look at something like the eVGA Z68 FTW motherboard.

Honestly, for what I'm expecting you're going to use the machine for the only real concern you have is the number of PCI-Express slots you have since that card does not support Crossfire.

Let me explain my purpose for 3 cards.

Each card runs 4 monitors so 3 cards will run 12 monitors.

I am using these cards to run 12 monitors to display stock market charts which are updating in real time as new data comes in every micro second. The charts are drawn by one or two stock market applications. Each chart or monitor must get same amount of computational power & resources so none of the charts are lagging behind.

Although I am opening 12 charts using the same application, theoriticallyI can open as many as 40 or 50 charts using same application & have one monitor for each chart & thus 30 or 40 monitors.

There will be times when I would run more than one application & other stuff like Word docs, IE windows etc that I will keep minimized under these 12 charts.

I guess now you might understand how those 3 PCIe x16 slots should work to achieve what I want to achive & guide me to appropriate motherboard.

Please let me know if you have further questions that will help you help me selecting the right motherboard.
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