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Originally Posted by lightninstrikr View Post
Google has let me down... what does ONFi stand for and what are the major differences between 1 and 2? Also how can I tell which is what? I don't see any distinction in the product pages I'm looking at and I don't remember seeing its like while shopping these last few weeks either.
You usually wont see it advertised. UNLESS its in the mfg'ers best interest to boast about it. This is why sequential read and write are useless ways to pick. IOPS is a way to do it...but SOME companies "cheat" in how they calculate their numbers. :/

Anyways...thats a dif topic all together.

Right now there is basically three types of NAND being used. ONFi 1. ONFi 2.x and DDR Toggle Mode 1.0.
Toggle > ONFi 2 > ONFi 1 in terms of small file performance (with all other things being equal). ONFi and Toggle Mode are two competing standards (with Toggle Mode being the newer "upstart"). ONFi 1.0 was the very first iteration and its slow (50mb/s vs 133 - 200mb/s). The only saving grace of it is that with modern controllers this limitation is only seen in certain instances as they are ALL multiple channel controllers (meaning its 50mbs times the number of channels).

How do you tell which is which? Read reviews on a model before you buy (doesnt matter the size as - for example - Vertex 3's will use ONFi 2 whereas the Vertex 3 MaxIOPS models use Toggle Mode Nand). I always crack open the SSD, decode the part number and include that info in the review. Usually though the easiest rule of thumb is this: if its cheap its probably Onfi 1. if its mid-priced its onfi 2 and if its expensive its TM 1.0. nand...but thats only a rough and ready rule of thumb and there are exceptions so its best to your homework and read reviews on ANY ssd before you buy

Some examples of each:
ONfi 1:
Patriot Pyro
OCZ Agility 3
Corsair Force 3

Onf 2:
Vertex 3
Crucial M4
Kingston HyperX (though this one is SPECIAL as it uses Intel branded ONfi 2 rated for 5k instead of 3k erase cycles)
Corsair Force GT

Toggle Mode:
Mushkin Chornos Deluxe
OCZ Vertex 3 MaxIOPS
Patriot Wildfire
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