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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Did you not read my post properly .... I said the engineer said because they software built it back then when he was still working for them that its why its not preforming as suspected. AND like i was pointing out cause of the software design diffrence he saw vs hand refined design.

What would the current dozer be like with 20% less die/transistors & 20% more preformance .... ALOT more of what they projected for it .... to be equal to a 2600K intel cpu.
I think his direct sarcasm went right over your head actually. He read your post just fine.

Speculation of 20% faster means jack. Why? Because the chip is real, and in retail channels, and it doesnt contain that 20%, so who cares.
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I'm a self certified whizbang repair technician with 20 years of professional bullshit so I don't know what I'm talking about
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