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My System Specs


Originally Posted by keto View Post
Same. I went from i7 920 to 2500K for gaming, in video benchmarks I didn't gain very much at all. With my GTX 580, 3DM11 like this:
i7 920 @ 3.6 = P6459
2500K @ stock = P6281
2500K @ 4.0 = 6495
2500K @ 4.8 = 6641 (I'll guess and say your 4.0 920 is here already. My C0 couldn't get 4.)
2500K @ 4.8 + overclock vid core to 850 = P6986

So, you can see for gaming you get lots more out of a vid overclock (or upgrade) than from 920 to 2500K.

Keep the 920, if you only need 1 system that's the one to have. 2 @ 580 would be sweet.

I agree with keto, sell your AMD system and buy a second GTX 580. You will be fine with the X58 system.
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