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My System Specs


Both systems are very capable, but your i7 920 @ 4ghz is going to outperform the AMD system and if you plan on going SLI stick with the X58 chipset. Banking on some SLI hack for the Crosshair IV might bite you in the ass, and you'll be very disappointed. I wouldn't mess with that.

I've tried the physx hack that allows you to mix nvidia and ati cards and it was flaky at best. The system was super picky with drivers. It was a waste of time. I know that's a different scenario altogether but my point is, go with what what's supported by the manufacturers and you're blood pressure will stay at a normal level.

So what I would do is either sell the AMD stuff and go SLI with X58 and i7 920..... or sell the Intel stuff along with your GTX580 and buy an ATI card or two.
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