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Originally Posted by techman95 View Post
wait SB and now IVY only have 16 pcie lanes? Am i glad i got a 990fx board cause i filled up all my expansion ports and my usb ports already, and ive only had the board about a month. how do yall use all the usb and sata ports on the p67 and z68 boards with 1 or more gpus? or is intels transfer system different than amds, cause amds just uses pcie lanes at 2000MHz to communicate between every interface from sata to expasion slots.
To be honest I'd much prefer the extra transfer speed in SATA 3 and PCI-e on intel boards than a minimal fps gain through the x16 lanes an AMD board can offer in crossfire as opposed to an intel counterpart.
AMD FX-8150 Black Edition 8-Core Processor vs Core i7-2600K Review - Platform Benchmarks

Guess its just a matter of perspective though :)
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