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My System Specs


Ivy will be compatable with current p67/z68 boards, though likely with a BIOS update. Besides the die shrink it has some performance tweaks and better integrated graphics than the SB chips. A newer updated look at the Ivy architecture here Inside the Intel Ivy Bridge Microarchitecture | Hardware Secrets

SB-E will be replacing the higher end 1366 chips....and will probably come with their price tags ~$1000, and its a whole different motherboard- socket 2011. Quite a few of the features initially announce to be included with that X79 chipset have been dropped...can't recall which ones exactly. Haven't done too much reading on those cpus and chipset as it is way outside my price range.

With the poor showing of the Bulldozer cpus from AMD I wouldn't much of a price drop on the SB processors even after the release of Ivy. If you purchased a SB rig now I doubt you would be disappointed with it.
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