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Default Help me make a decision!

Ok here is the situation I have a Gigabyte EX58-UD5 with a I7 920 that will do 4.0GHz and a Crosshair IV with a Phenom II 955 that will do 4.0Ghz, maybe more I haven't really pushed it.I got a really good deal on the Crosshair and I had thought about going to Bulldozer but due to the performance #'s I changed my mind.Now my rigs are generally used for gaming and I run a single 580GTX.

My dilemma is,should I keep the AMD and push it further sell the I7 and buy another 580GTX and SLI them using the hack or keep the I7 and sell the AMD and buy another 580GTX which will probably require some extra out of pocket cash or sell the whole damn works and go with a Sandybridge set up.Now,I do only run one 1900X1200 monitor at this time but I will either be going to a Dell 27' or a multiple monitor setup down the road.I am at an impasse and need some direction please.
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