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Originally Posted by thorn View Post
Yeah I have been considering those 2 along with maybe MIUI.

JD is your i9000m still on Bell or on a diff carrier. I unlocked mine and use it on rogers but it seems to cause text's to have a time stamp of 4 hours earlier so I have to use an app to apply the right timecode to incoming sms (with 2.1 didn't have this issue, only 2.2). Wondering if gingerbread or the roms fix this issue.
MIUI is Chinese-based from what I can gather, and well I'm only English speaking so I'd rather something developed a bit more local ;)

I'm with Virgin Mobile actually (Bell's network), but I unlocked my phone anyhow since it was just as simple as install an app...

My brother is on Rogers and we had that issue with SMS on an older Darky ROM, I think 10.1. The later versions have fixed it though without the need for extra apps. I believe it's more a ROM issue than a network one.

Originally Posted by thorn View Post
Another question, are you able to mount your external sd card? I was looking at a video on it and the guy wasn't able to mount the external, only the internal was mountable.
External SD mounts perfectly fine for me. One morning I noticed it said it was removed unsafely, but it's never happened since.

I update nightly builds about once a week, or more depending on what the change logs dictate.

You should do a full Odin flash to get onto Gingerbread so you have the GB bootloaders. Then you can flash whatever you like, once you have a kernel that has CWM.

Obviously though you'll lose everything on your phone, so backup whatever you need.
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