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My System Specs


Originally Posted by keto View Post
Just thought I'd mention, you might have a bit of misunderstanding here. You can overclock
-the bus speed (though no, it doesn't have a divider so that you can go in large increments)
-the cpu multiplier
-the memory (admittedly, very little real performance gain to be had here unless you are trying to eek out that last .1 sec or 2 fps for some sort of record run)

each independently of the other.

I've done more tweaking and optimizing on this system than on my old 939 system.
Meh FBS on a 1155 104-105 is the max it seams for this p67, yes I realize you can oc the ram separate, but what I am meaning is on amd am2-3+ and 939 for that matter your talking in most instances, with a decient board, your going to be doing a FBS overclock. Sorry but unless I have missed something totally going to this Sandy this is pretty much completely opposite of Intel. AMD really doesnt need a unlocked cpu since again your going to fsb clocking, with sandy you need that multi since the fsb will crap out long before you get the cpu up to speed.

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