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My System Specs


I too have always supported AMD since the Socket A days. I became an overclocker with my first rig running an AthlonXP 2500+ and I just stuck with them ever since, moving to a s939 system, then AM2+. My next upgrade might be a jump from my current 940 X4 to an 1100T X6 and OC it as high as possible for 24/7 use but once that runs out gas within a year or so, which way to go?? It will be the end of the road with my platform and the future for "brand loyalty" doesn't look good. It's not a secret that AMD won't be able to fix bulldozer before Intel's 2011 socket. It would take a miracle I think. By then an Intel monopoly will be in full force and everyone will be screwed. Not just AMD fans. Price differences will be even worse, and you'll either be buying a kick-ass CPU or a total piece of crap.
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