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Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
I'll openly admit to being so as well even thought I have owned 1 intel cpu & used 1 nvidia gpu/chipset in my pc lifetime.

But for me my stance is partialy fanboy, partialy consumer, partialy business ethics (ie. dell & other major pc manufactorers payback/bribe/exstortion to not sell amd pc's back in the early 2000's) + income level as why i have stuck with amd/ati over the years .... Hell i even sold a won Dell L1156 i7 860 pc to a friend to do more amd upgrade's which I know some folks would call me nuts for.

BUT again like i say over & over again, peaple can go be "sheep" to the intel camp all they like. I've still yet to have a amd box not to anything a intel box does nor allow me to play the lastest games at a acceptable framerate & high quality. And I know users on various forums including this one whom also agree that ultimately in the end there is realy not alot of diffrence between x amd box vs x intel box & alot of it falls into the e-penile factor to be "cool".

And sorry but im a "realists", not a "fanboy" as what likes to be slung around by peaple in general & since being involved with the internet & pc technoligy since 96' .... I for one as a consumer don't see why intel should profit since 2000 for there bad business ethics + the other reality of do we wanna go back to a era where the only major pc hardware was intel & for a 1/2 azz setup the board & cpu would cost you $1200. And don't try to use the argument things are made too cheap for intel to do so now ... through there "creative marketing" there are MANY users whom would even still buy a overpriced poor preforming celron cpu simply cause its a "intel".

Either way I look forward to hopefully SKY or anyone else from this site or the other major ones do more investigating into the cpu & platform to see if things are REALY all doom & gloom as folks are thinking they are so far.
As just about any member here will tell you, I am have been a staunch AMD supporter for years but I will say this my 2600k absolutly eats my AMD systems, sure the AMD systems play 99% of my games and handle my encodes just fine but and here is the kicker the Intel is just way faster, plain and simple.

I agree we dont want rto go back to a one manufactures monopoly BUT I for one am not about to subsidize AMD until they get there shit together.

I dont see this as total DOOM AND GLOOM ( like that )but I just dont see a huge market for these new chips as they stand, for enthusiasts or budget users.

As I said earlier I would happily go back to AMD ( I am not a multiplier clocker I prefer to OC my system as a whole, and right now with Sandy that just isnt happening) but they need to get the power consumption/performance/budget ratio better before I move back. Maybe a revision stepping we will see that but right now I am going to keep the Dozer budget in the bank since I cant justify spending the money on a folder that consumes that much power.
You willnotice that I am banking that cash rather than grabbing another SB build, the PII will just have to hold out a little longer.

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My knuckles are bleeding from fishing through walls a new CAT6 network cable... I found fresh, untapped electrical outlets...
"It's all in the Reflexes"-Jack Burton
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