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Default Media streamer question.

I figure this should be posted here...

I know zlitch about media stuff, codecs and all that fun.

I have a Patriot Box Office, I torrent movies and tv shows and I watch them on TV.

Worked fine until recently when most of the 720p stuff i'm getting is not playing anymore and after some research it would be due to the MKV file being L5 instead of L4. New format not yet supported properly by players. No update scheduled on the PBO to fix this.

I want a trouble free solution, I dont feel like having to run the stuff I download through a re-coder software to watch them.

Is there a decent solution out there that work better then others? Boxee? WDTV?

I was starting to look into a media PC instead, I should be able to build something under 300$ if i'm lucky, a little more then I want to spend on this and i'd rather avoid this option for now.

Is smoke supposed to come out of there?
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