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Thanks for tuning and commenting everybody! Yes, I'm juggling between projects preparation for CES, January 10 -14 , and I'll be there as well, showing some of my products and previous work. So please let me know if you're attending, so I can finally meet you in person.

Ok, back to this project. Sorry! to anyone anticipating this to look like the ship, or see a model of the serenity glued on top. My tribute is inspired by visual elements from both the movie and series that appeal to me, in particular "Our Mrs reynolds" episode, which has great scenes of Serenity's bridge. (and christina hendricks) To me, the charm of the Serenity is the mixture of Old West and industrial tech, and sometimes these elements look hobbled together. You can tell the Set builders delved into Ebay for salvaged Electronic and Ham Radio parts. I also love how everything is distressed from use and weathered. The ship's control panel is a

Yes, the circa 60s Muscle car hood scoop style panel hump is being removed.. btw: Great for cable management behind MB tray.

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