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Default Samsung S27A350H vs Asus VE276Q

Ive been looking at both of these monitors, im going to be running a dual montor set up so i am buying 2, but i am also an avid gamer, i am looking for a monitor that is good for watching movies playing pc and xbox 360 games and of course all other daily computers activities, searching the net, word documents etc.

I see a lot of people recommending the asus ve276q but i cant seem to find a good reason why, it all just seems like avid fans promoting their brand, can anyone shed some light as to which of these monitors would be better to buy 2 of? Price isnt an issue. (interns of which is more expensive, i dont want to spend 800 bucks on 1 monitor. So please just stick to these two. If you know of a monitor that is 27 inch, that outpreforms both of these that is below or near 400 then i would like to hear about it)
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