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Note: thread moved to the Display subforum.

You may want to wait a bit.

A whole new generation of 120Hz monitors are about to be launched tonight. They will be a bit more expensive but include some technologies that will really benefit gamers (a new NVIDIA technology that's also being launched tonight, LED overdrive, anti ghosting, etc).

Expect 23.5", 24" and 27" versions to be available with the 27" launching right away and the smaller sizes coming in the next 3 months or so.

As for the Acer monitor you are talking about, I have three of them and two have been replaced. One for a faulty CCFL and the other for a dead power supply. I love the things from a gaming standpoint but their one screen colors are very poor and if it wasn't for my contacts with Acer, I would have been mired in an RMA headache.
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