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Default Windows 7 wireless video streaming

My sister in law lives in a condo and is a tech enthusiast in the way she likes the bells and whistles without having much in the way of knowledge. She has a work laptop that's a pretty solid kit but its locked down to the point where she cant even burn CDs or install codecs, so thats out of the question for hooking up to her TV for her media watching needs. So we have started looking at laptops, figured that much out... but she likes to sit on her couch and surf/work while watching a video on her TV.

I remember seeing marketing on Windows 7 sending video to a TV wireless... quickly looking I have seen some USB dongle to receiver setups that look like a good way to snap off in your laptop. Does anyone have something like this? how do you like it? is it just another type of extender setup? The pricing and gimmicky look of these things has me thinking a roku or something like that is a better choice for her.


Apparently suggestions for a DLNA devices or if anyone uses DLNA and does it suck? she just bought a new TV that does not have that ability so that is out.

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