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Originally Posted by keto View Post
I don't see that disclosed anywhere, you sure about this?
I'd say I'm 99% sure.

A) AMD sent an email to ALL reviewers stating they would be sending out an FX-8150 and that was it.

B) Emails from us and several sites both MUCH larger and smaller than Guru & Legion asking for the lower-end SKUs were met with the same response: "we are not sampling them at this time"

C) I see no CPU-Z screenshots, picture of the chips, etc. You'd think if they had all four chips, they'd be proud to show them off.

D) Stock of two of those processors has STILL not hit distribution channels, let alone retailers' shelves. So they didn't get them via other contacts.

E) They didn't get them through the usual back channels in Taiwan (where you can currently find everything from early Ivy Bridge ES to SB-E) because they were never distributed in large amounts for testing to system integrators, mobo manufacturers, etc.

Since the review was posted or sometime soon they MAY buy them and update things but in all reality, having stand-in chips in a launch day review gives the wrong impression.
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