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Default Concerns with GD235HZbid and Alternatives

Hi Linus,

I'm in the market for a new monitor, preferably 120hz and 24" or higher, and I've been really drawn to Acer's 120hz.

I stumbled upon your old videos where you used the ACER GD235HZbid monitors and I have a question regarding some issues mentioned by other users.

They said the monitor starts to emit an annoying buzzing sound when you use 120hz. Does/did this happen for any of your monitors? Is it a hardware issue that should be RMA'd? Some have mentioned simply adjusting/tightening the actual connections in the back, but after sleuthing and googling I have not found out if that is a sure-fire solution.

Another question, though not completely restricted to you... would the ASUS VG236HE be a good alternative?

My budget is around 300-400$.

Your help and advice is much appreciated, thanks!
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