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Hahaha was gonna say the same thing. Voltage is in the right range that P95 blend for 12 hours and get back to us :P

Also, recommend running either RealTemp (which also has a timer, so start it at the same time as P95 for double verification on length of run) OR the latest CoreTemp...both will monitor your current temp + give you a max over time number (ie, if it hit 80C but hours ago, you will see 80C as your max). Report back with temps. **EDIT** I see the HW monitor with temps now. Guarantee, you'll see a lot more than what you're getting now if you let Prime 95 run.

I'm at 4.8 at 1.428v (could not stabilize at a reported 1.416, the same number showing on your CPUz), max temp 70C peak, 65-66 avg load (22C ambient) if you want a frame of reference.
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