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My System Specs


Thanks again ST!

A couple small updates to report...

First of all, I completed the P-Delta and P-Epsilon GPU folding builds. As I mentioned earlier, I wasn't planning to build any more dedicated GPU folding rigs, but since these can be located in a place where I am not responsible for the hydro bill, and since I already had all the hardware, I figured I might as well take advantage of the opportunity. So here they are - not terribly exciting, but I am a fan of the H70's going into them. It means that I can keep my QX9650 at 4.0 and my i7 860 at 3.8 cool without any of my usual 3k RPM Scythe Ultra Kazes!

Also - some news regarding Shoebox. My orange Xiggy fans (with white LEDs) arrived yesterday:

You might recall that the colour scheme for Shoebox is going to be orange, white and black. Since the stock fans in the Elysium are black with white LEDs, I figured I needed something to spruce it up a bit more than that, which is why you see what you see here. The arrival of these fans is significant because it means that building can begin. I have *basically* all the parts I need. I'm still missing 2 5mm orange LEDs, which I forgot to include in my last order from Dazmode. So I'll have to grab those at some point, but there's no reason why they would have to hold up the build. I'm also undecided on whether I want to get sleeved cable extensions. Once I have some pictures to share, I might have to ask for you, the noble reader, to help me decide.

This is actually an exciting moment in the work log because all of the boring stuff has been taken care of. All that remains is Shoebox, Suite300 and the mysterious Quicksilver, and each one of those should be pretty interesting builds. So, since it's been a while, I leave you with this...

U2--Maggie's Farm/Cold Turkey//Conspiracy Of Hope Part 3/5 - YouTube
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