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My System Specs

Default Intel 980x and Asus R3E

Bought this for my never ending Murdermod build that is held back for the new stuff from Charles and company and considering selling and going for SB-E.

The 980 has box and heatsink and is lightly used. Probably has 2 weeks on it and was OCed to 4.2Ghz just to play with. It is an F batch but not a bad OCer as far as I remember.

The R3E has a Black/Red EK FB block and has only been booted to check to see if it works. I bought one new and it croaked and got a full retail package back and was never put in a case. It will have two of everything except some of the SATA 6Gbps cables.

Just checking to see if it is worth bothering which it is probably not.

Thanks :)
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