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My System Specs


Hmmm. I concur with your statement - I've never seen sharper image.

Pioneer stopped making the Elite line 2 years ago. And this year, Sharp bought the rights and started distribution of the Elite line again.
Elite LCD TV - Simply the Finest HDTV Experience Their 'smallest' screen is the PRO-60X5FD. Price? Over 5 big ones.

My choice, if I ever had the funds to support such venture within your budget? Samsung's PN59D8000.

And here's a review that actually compares the panel to a 50" Kuro Elite: Samsung PN59D8000 Plasma 3DTV (105) | AVguide.
I'd love to see one in the wild, and feast my eyes... if only my own Sammy could die...
Hydro-Quebec is salivating...

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