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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
Why a max of 55''? For that price you can get a 70'' LCD/LED Sharp Quatron....
Sharp AQUOS Quattron 70" 1080p120Hz LED HDTV (LC70LE732U) : 60" & Up LED TVs - Future Shop

Thats what I plan on getting ($ permitting, someday). Go big or go home, lol.
I'm assuming it's due to 1080p pixel pitch, which pretty much makes anything over 55" pretty pointless in terms of image quality. That or he just doesn't have the space.

That said I'm a little confused as to why you Sky, of all people is asking people that probably know much less about HDTV's for opinions on your own personal HDTV. Especially with that large of a budget when pretty much only 3D TV's cost that much.

But if your looking at plasmas, I'd recommend spending ~$1500 on a Panasonic G series 54/55" screen and saving the rest for when you come across the perfect OLED/LED screen that doesn't cost more than a car.

Siderant: What is with all these people falling for Sharp Quattron marketing? It's marketed towards a primarily male audience and yet it's genetically impossible for men to see the 4th colour spectrum.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Dot pitch. I am only about 15' away from the TV and I don't want anything larger.

As for the budget, I don't want it holding back my selection regardless of 3D or not.

I haven't heard much that's good about the Quattrons...unless that has changed over the last 6 or so months...
TBH, I personally have not seen anything worth a budget that large, especially with plasma screens so dirt cheap.

I was looking at the new Quattrons a while back, I didn't bother looking into them further as it seemed like the same old marketing BS to me.

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