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Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
Again, everyone is ready to call this cpu a failure cause it lacks single thread preformance, BUT again, as i, others & some reviewers have pointed out .... this cpu is built for the future of a most ovious multithreading reality of the pc world.
There might be something in the architecture that will be useful for the future, but I doubt that any enthusiast will be holding on to a BD chip and suitable motherboard long enough to see some of these instruction sets get utilized properly.

Multiple threads mostly benefits folks doing video work right now and in the foreseeable future (and folders, but those folks are not mainsteam for the most part). From the benches I have seen Bulldozer can barely keep up with the 2600K in some benches....and it must eat a tonne of additional power to do so.

As for gamers? The last gen AMD is plenty. For folks doing video work and other multi-threaded tasks, SB is superior, especially when power consumption is, and in the medium-term.
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