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Default Update: SNB it is!

EDIT: Changed post

After the Bulldozer results, I'm going with i5-2500(k) system. I would like vt-d virtualization but I think my main use will be in virtualbox using XP Pro, Windows 7 and some apps there in which it is more convenient than re-booting. Also, I want to get a scanner sometime and I'm not sure it will run reliably in Linux. VT-x is good enough for that, right?

Hopefully, someone who is knowledgeable with the virtualization technologies integrated in the chips can comment.

Ok, so barring some unforeseen problem going with an i5-2500k chip, here is a bunch of info that I hope will help assess some good options!

cpu - Intel i5-2500k
mobo - Z68 motherboard - Asrock or MSI?
ram - 8GB DDR3 1333mhz
Budget - $500

For the RAM, I thought maybe Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9. I'm going to run it at 1333MHz so that might even be the default? Anyway, I am sure to avoid any issues that way.

Z68 mobo because I'll initially use the Intel HD3000 graphics until I get a discrete card.

Also, the motherboards I'm looking at are either Asrock or MSI. So, I'd like recommendations from either.

I figure this will total just under $500 so I don't want to go any higher and that's high enough already! :(

Should I get the RAM now? Did it just go up? I thought 8gb was $50 or it just the Corsair LP RAM that is more expensive?

My components I'm keeping for the new system include a case, HDD, 520w PSU

Any other thoughts? Advice? Recommendations?

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