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Default Need suggestion on small light weight computer case

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a computer case that is relatively small, light weight and preferably not overly expensive.

The reason I ask is the fact my folks would like me to build them a new computer, that's fine with me other then the fact I'll need to ship it to them full assembled and if I can keep the weight down then the cost to ship it to them will go down.

I've tried pitching having NCIX assemble the parts for the 40$ fee, walk them through installing Windows 7 and then remote connect in to set up their software after, but they'd rather I do it instead.

I'm also looking for it to preferably have 1 5.25" external bay and 1 3.25" external bay, however if that's uncommon 1 3.25" external bay is preferred (i've talked them down from internal dvd-rom drive that they never use anymore)
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