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Panny Plasma is the best picture for movies/gaming.

The only thing you need to figure out is , what's your budget and how much do you appreciate quality? Do you have a discerning eye?

I feel confident in saying burn in is no longer a valid concern with current Plasmas. Image retention yes, but no more annoying than the same image retention you would have had on an 'old tube' TV when you had a static image on the screen for a long time.

Some members in this thread have mentioned time variants of 10 to 20 min plus of static image on screen with no worries....yay. I game for long periods of time on my Panny Plasma, 3 to 8+ hours straight and I've only ever had mild image retention.

It is wise to put your new Plasma through a 100 to 150 'break in' period, this allows for the phosphors to harden reducing what chance there is for any burn in. I'm starting to form the opinion this also helps with image retention. My estimates of static image on my screen are not exaggerations.

(PS- I've been playing RAGE from id Software, OMG, seamless gameplay at 60 frames per sec, I get distracted just looking around on screen)
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