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Originally Posted by bradleyg5 View Post
Can i ask what the reasoning behind the games you picked? Why not test F1 2010/11 or Bad Company 2? those games are known to scale well with additional threads. Or how about Shogun 2 or Arma or GTA IV, games that are known to be some the most heavily CPU dependent games around. I really hate the games you guys choose to test, like left for dead 2 AND team fortress 2? you include two games that run on virtually the same engine? Far Cry 2/ Dirt 3/ Street Fighter 4/ Crysis 2... FOUR console ports? World in conflict and X3 maybe would be good choices if this review was written 5 years ago. So basically the only result that matters is Crysis and Civ 5 which both seem to be GPU bottlenecked near the top.

Drives me up the wall that you spend so much time testing games that don't matter.
F1 2010 / F1 2011 uses the EXACT same engine as Dirt 3. Same multicore scaling as well.

Shogun 2 is VERY GPU bound unless you are playing at lower detail levels. Plus, there is no AI being used in Shogun 2's built in test.

I could go on and on but I really don't see an issue with the games picked. Do you HONESTLY think that Bulldozer would look that much better in newer GPU-bound games?
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