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My System Specs


If we also add a fully loaded GeForce GTX 460 1GB to the mix, that number spikes up to almost 800W. Obviously, no one runs a CPU and GPU stress tests at the same time, but this does illustrate what the worst case scenario could be when it comes to power consumption.
As far as concrete numbers go for folders, this alone is a big reason to stay away from Bulldozer. Folders will often run both the cpu and gpu at the same time at 100%. If Bulldozer came in the same as a 2600K in folding numbers, but more efficiently then i could have been happy. But I don't see that happening, even when official PPD numbers start to roll in.

The only hope I see for folders here is if the gromacs folks can optimize for the new SSE instructions. But those guys can take quite a while to get these optimizations done due to the needed reliability of submitted results. Maybe these Bulldozer chips will do well in the multi-processor boards.

Even then, with these power numbers....
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