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Well I have done my 2-3 hours of skimming thru the 4-5 sites a read including this one for reviews. First off very good review MAC, but i think the thing that is lacking most vs the others i have read was the use of a high end card from either company.

Now onto some better awnsered questions/remarks on the FX 8 series itself based on my reading/observations:

Q: Should I buy this cpu exspecting great single/light thread preformance in games/apps?
A: No, but its improves slightly when oc'ed

Q: Should I buy this cpu exspecting great heavily utilzed thread preformance in games/apps?
A: Yes

Q: Should I buy this cpu with futureproofing in mind in reguard to thread/core scaling-utilization in software such as Window 8 & future DX11 titles?
A: Yes, if you can bare with the lack of single thread preformance vs current sandy bridge cpu's the chips design seems to be forward thinking in the way of threading & such.

Q: Should I buy this cpu exspecting great overclocks with it?
A: Yes if your fine with over 4 ghz clockrates on above average cooling solutions (air, sealed water & ect.)

Q: Should I buy this cpu + AM3+ motherboard over a current high end Phenom II X6 setup?
A: Currently most reviews show its as no real advantage nor disadvange to do so atm, but save the money & look to do so when the piledriver revisioned cpu's come out.

Q: I want to buy the 8150 cause of?
A:No need to push it past stock. Slightly improved die for pushing it further in overclocking & self contained water cooler in soon to come versions.

Q: I want to buy the 8120 insted cause of?
A: Still unlocked multiplier as 8150. Can overclock up into the same range as the 8150's for much cheaper cost (think how the current Phenom II X6 1055's are).

Final thoughts:

IF you can get past the not that impressive single thread app preformance/gaming, the cpu's seem to realy re-enforce there future preformance in multi thread/paralell aps as shown in a few reviews. Especialy in [H]'s gaming preformance attempting to utilize DX11 threaded games & current hard resourced ones like Metro 2033, you see the dozers ability to compete with intel solutions there. Also as a few have pointed out .... bios/driver updates could improve preformance things for it. Like one of the other posters & reviewers have said ... more time with the cpu/platform could reveal more hidden preformance somewhere in them.

Simply put as a few others have also said .... Is bulldozer a win .... no ... Is it a loser ... no ... it's currently somewhere inbetween unfortunately for now .... BUT the future could change that alot.
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