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Originally Posted by moocow View Post
Can't really afford anything better I'm afraid. I could buy a used i7-920 from the trading forum for similar performance but it would even burn more juice. The benchmark does make people wonder what AMD R&D is doing. Yes, engineering anything takes time, effort, and money but when the product barely beat out Intel and even your last generation product, it really hard to justify the price.
Funny, the only chart I saw that compared OVERCLOCKED <8150 vs 920>, the 920 was pulling less power.

You can afford better, it's a 2500K and cheaper than an 8150. Even has a built in onboard GPU that still can be used even if you have a separate vid card. Oh, and it uses less than half the power under load.

Not an Intel fanboi, just calling it like I see it.

IN FAIRNESS, there is lots of development still to come, to optimize Bulldozer. Chipset drivers, bioses, and so forth. And some are saying that FSB/Northbridge overclocking could be a key missing component in all the reviews.
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