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Most everything's in the conclusion anyways. Nicely done, seems thorough and nothing missing that I would like to see, off the top of my head.

Makes me happy I went 2500K in the past couple of weeks, to be brutally honest. The pre-release leaks look to have been, for the most part, legit...given some of the sources, that was expected, at least by me.

AMD's gotta be hurting and in trouble. Their stock has been getting crushed - high for the year about $9.25 in May, mostly above $7 even through the tough Aug/Sept markets, and now on a steady slide for the past 3 weeks as the rumours have mounted, and below $5 ($4.86 close today).

These things are going to be in the bargain bins below $200 not long after Christmas, I'd guess. I haven't looked at the pipeline, what's next for AMD?
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