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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
Yeah someone posted that before, I do doubt the validity of it we will see tomorrow so the word goes.
Well, the pre-release frenzy is definitely on, with all the "performance charts" appearing left and right. And every little outfit is trying to get their 15 minutes of glory. Those Romanian charts are in my opinion very vague, even the ones on xtremesystems posted today have more info Ė some Korean guy.

As it stands at this moment, we can make (3) obvious conclusions, which most people already knew coming into this before:

1. 2500K<FX8150P<2600K
2. Good to excellent multi-threaded performance
3. Poor single-threaded performance

Now, as everyone is an armchair general, it will be up to proper hardware/tech web-site (HWC) to dispel the rumor-mill and dispense the proper test/performance details and conclusions about the Zambezi chip. Finally, it will be individual preferences that will determine if the FX chips are hit or a miss for their needs Ė gaming/encoding/folding performance. Personally, I donít game on my desktop anymore (hence the Quadro Card), so I donít care that the Crysis bench is only 80 fps vs 100 fps on an Intel chip.

Edit: I am hoping that AMD will offer the high-end chip with and withOUT the watercooler (i.e OEM chip package only, hence cheaper).
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