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Default Running an HD 4890. Should I upgrade now or wait until next year?

This is a question from joe88118:

Hi i've seen and loved your vids and it has comed to my mind that you know alot about computers :P so i have a question, should i buy a gtx 560 ti now or should i wait until next year or when the new series are coming? im currently running an hd 4890. i want some more power for the new games coming this november.

intel core i5 2,6ghz
4gb 1333mhz
and only a 500 watts psu

im going to upgrade all the other stuff next year btw but i thought mabey i just should buy graphics card now and the rest next year. plz reply i dont even know if you read your messages. lol
Honestly if you need more horsepower, then you should upgrade your graphics card. I find that a little bit of the sting gets taken out of it if you upgrade frequently enough that you can still sell your old one for a few bucks.

In another year that 4890 definitely won't be worth much, so I say get rid of it now while you have the chance, and grab something to tide you over.
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