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Default corning adsl vdsl pots splitter help

Can anyone tell me what this does?
A friend asked if I could help him with his home networking of his house. Every room has a ethernet jack on the wall. Downstairs all the wires come together. I took of one of the wall mounts and only 2 wires are hooked up of the 10 or so wires. Downstairs where all the wires come together all of these wires are only using 2 wires which are connected together separated as positive and negative. These wires then run into a phone jack then to the dsl part of this corning splitter separted by T and R. I believe the phone part of the splitter ran to the alarm system and I did not pay too much attention on where the line splitter was running.

What do I do to make it possible to have internet in every room?
Thanks for any suggestions you may have.
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