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My System Specs


ok, I actually found a pair that feature both compatibility with pc, and xbox 360, surround sound (multiple speaker configuration), and Talkback (mic monitoring). Apparently the key to finding them was instead of searching under the category "xbox headsets" I found some compatible with xbox under the "pc headsets" category. This is one of them that I had found. PC Gaming Headset with 5.1 Surround Sound | Ear Force Z6A | Turtle Beach
Their is actually a few that will work and have what I need, but these I found to be the best choice for me. And with a price tag of only $100 that's not bad. In fact, I'll be getting too of them. Thank you all for the help. Would still like to know from Killswitch what the results were from the ax pro's. Would rather get them if they do have talk back or a way to loop the mic gain back through the speakers. I know you can do this on pc with a feature integrated into the sound card, but their is lag between the time you speak, and the time you hear it. and by the way, how long will/should this thread stay up and how do I delete it. or does someone else do that?
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