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Plasma is the superior display technology for film and video games. PERIOD. You're talking refresh rates of 500-600hz vs 240hz on the fastest LED LCD TV's. Plasma just crushes LCD in smoothness of image playback. Plasma also has superior colors and black levels to LED LCD or traditional LCD.

Consider this, every "advancement" in LCD technology in the last 10 years was to fix a problem that doesn't exist in plasma in the first place.

LED's to fix black level performance.
Faster refresh rates to fix motion blur
Quad color pixels to fix color reproduction

The ONLY thing plasma does worse than LCD is it's tendency for image retention. And that doesn't happen very often anymore. I can leave my X-Box on a menu screen for 20 min, come back and it's just fine. Most plasma's have features to prevent this now such as image shift. Image shift basically "moves" the picture for a 10th of a second or so if it's remained static for longer than 5 min to avoid image retention.

I own two plasma's. A 50" 720P Panasonic in my bedroom and a 65" 1080P THX certified Panasonic in my home theater. I'm kinda a home theater junkie. If you want specific information please ask.
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