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Originally Posted by esperasoppa View Post
I'm using the huawei dumb phone on Wind here. I generally get signals everywhere I go in Vancouver, except SFU Burnaby campus. In general, the signal is ok for the price, but I have heard a lot of my friends complain about voice quality (as in, sometimes they can't even hear me) which happens more often than I would want. If you use your phone inside a building, it might also goes out of signal. I'm not sure if these problems are caused by the phone or Wind ( I haven't try any other phones yet).

This also lead to my own question, has anyone here on Wind that uses a different phone (say the Nexus S) that does not have the problems I listed?
I've got an HD7, which seems better than the Huawei U8100 I had for a bit, but the vast majority of the time I'm using the the phone in a 5-bar location in Calgary, so I dunno what's due to the phone.
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