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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Jonesy View Post
In your router settings you should (not aware of the interface on current linksys routers) be able to set your computer user name ie: JoshOohAh - PC (or w/e it is) to always be assigned the same IP ie:, that prevents that IP from being distributed from the DHCP pool. Linksys may not need a PC user name, just a list of IP's not to assign via DHCP
First and farmost I would like to thank everyone who posted on this thread to help me. I think I was suffering from internet withdrawal all week

But to be honest I don't get how I only used the quoted text and it fixed my entire problem. That's all I did I added a static IP but didn't even use one of my devices to exclusively to connect to it. Everything kind of just fixed itself. My netbook works, and most importantly my desktop works so I am ecstatic right now :D

Once again thanks everyone I really really appreciate everything
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