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First thing I would try is rebooting the router... At the back of the router there should be a small pinhole... Stick a paperclip or toothpick in there and hold it for a few seconds. This will reassign IP addresses to all the computers and devices on the network and possibly solve your problem. To set a static IP you first need to enter your routers configuration utility (just enter the default gateway address into a web browser) and find out which IP addresses are set aside for the dhcp server. There are usually 50 or 100.. You want to set an IP address below this range as 2 computers on the network can't have the same IP address. Not sure what OS you are using but you go into network connections>local area connection>properties... Click internet protocol then properties... check use the following IP address and enter an address outside of the range your router uses. You also need to enter the default gateway and dns server addresses. You can get this info by going to a command prompt and typing ipconfig/all... all the info should be there.

Edit: here's a link that shows you all the steps for win7:

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