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Originally Posted by Jackquelegs View Post
PLEASE. This is section so far is a clusterbuck of random questions. If the intention is to help people, put it into the appropriate section so the inquirer doesn't have to search this section AS WELL as the proper section on HWC for comparative answers
^Pretty much this. If anything Linus might as well make his own forum if the questions are kept separate.

However, I think the bigger issue that doesn't have a solution is that a lot of people think Linus walks on water and whatever he says is gospel truth. No matter what suggestion us bottom dwelling forum members can say won't ever hold as much as weight as a single word from Linus

In the end, I have no idea what solution to this Q&A section will be acceptable to both the forum and the higher ups so I'll just stfu now, sit tight and go back to gaming

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